The item is not exactly what you had in mind?

A pity, but that can happen!

How does this work?



You have 14days after the delivery to let us know that you wish to return your purchase. Inform us by email at

Don’t forget to write us the bank account on which you would like to be refund.

You then have 14 calendar days to return the goods to us.



The return goods should be unused, not damaged and in the original packaging and accompanied by the original labels.



26ième Rue


6 Avenue du fond des carpes


1380 LASNE




ATTENTION at the above return address, packages cannot be physically delivered, only by courier service.



You will receive the amounts paid from us as quickly as possible back to your chosen account number. We undertake to make the refund at the latest within a period of 14 days after we have received the goods from you.



You want to exchange your purchase for a different size? That's not a problem! Register your return by sending an email to and state your name, your order number and the product. You can then send the return (at your own expense) to :

26ième RUE 

6 Avenue du fond des carpes 

1380 LASNE 




For hygienic reasons, bikinis and lingerie cannot be accepted as a return if the sealed package has been opened.